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About my works

I am a painter and a graphic artist. My favourite materials are oil, acrylic and water colours.

Geometric forms

Since the beginning of 1990´s I have used geometric forms, as a starting point in the construction of my works. Triangular, square and round forms are used in different formations. I have softened down the geometry in my works; they do not represent pure Concretism. Neither is the undertone intellectually orientated - I have rather tried to reflect some of my personal sentiments and feelings. I am also interested in scenic impressions of space and distance. I use compasses and a ruler, sometimes even tape, for outlining.

Bridges, towers and windows

In recent times I have moved from geometric forms to less defined forms. Representation has increased in my works; there are, for example, buildings, bridges and towers depicted in them. I am especially fascinated by a window-theme, which is not only an interesting outliner an unifier of space, but can also contain symbolic meaning. You can look out of window, but you and the window can also be looked at from outside.

Serial works

Some of my works are made in series, in which the theme is repeated, for example, in different colour variations. Serial technique opens up new possibilities to take a gallery space into possession, because it enables the depiction of time as well as the study of different combinations and shades of meaning.